Ocean Photography Essentials

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Learning a new skill like ocean photography is a lot more difficult trying to work it out on your own. It can be frustrating not knowing where to start, what equipment you need and what are the techniques, mindset and skills you need to be working on to take the incredible photos that you imagine. Let me help you!

The Ocean Photography Essentials class by Ryan Pernofski is a live & interactive two-hour session that is created to give you clarity on exactly what you need to start and step up your ocean photography game. 

This class is for you if you want to learn how to start Ocean Photography or need fresh inspiration, insight and direction for you as a photographer.

The classes are strictly limited to 15 spots each session as I want to be able to answer any questions you have along the way. The class is tailored to the individuals that join.

What is included:
120 minute Live & Interactive Session (all you need is a device & an internet connection).
✓ Access to book any of the sessions between 12th to the 18th of July so that you can pick a time / day that works best for you.
✓ Downloadable Workbook / Keynotes PDF from the class.
✓ You will be added to an Instagram DM group where a photography Challenge will be held. Prizes to be won.

There will be multiple events between the 12th to the 18th of July to ensure that every time zone of those that book is covered.


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Ocean Photography Essentials
Ocean Photography Essentials
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